QuickTime is a media player that basically has all the attributes that are needed to play a video with high-end quality. They support a wide range of codec and other functionalities. QuickTime was launched by Apple hence it supported the Mac operating system. Later it was developed for Windows as a standalone application that can be downloaded and installed for use. Since this player is subjected to do video recording and play a large number of videos. They have a very versatile and comprehensive data like audio, graphics, text, animations etc.

They are equipped with a wide amount of characteristics that make the video to be played in an effective manner. One of the features among them is trimming. If you have a long video which you want to make it into two separate videos, you can do it using the Trim option available in the QuickTime player. Trim videos are usually referredb to as Clips. Video clips are visual files with small file size and shorter duration of play. Generally, when you save and use such files you may encounter unusual events that cause damage to your QuickTime clips. Hence, it’s necessary to guard your system against such threats. But how hard you try; there is one or the other way where you halt in MOV clip damage. In such furious times, there is only one way out to resolve the issue i.e. using QuickTime Clip repair utility. Download this software on your system and perform fixing of damaged video clips.

Issues that cause QuickTime Clip damage:

Compressing video using an inappropriate software: At a certain time while using your computer there may arise situations where you face a lack of the memory space. Generally, at such instances, you think of compressing your stored files to reduce the file size and get a sufficient space to store your files. You might use an irrelevant tool and perform a compression which results in the damage of MOV video clips. Therefore before making compression be sure of using a trusted tool.

Power Surge: One of the major reasons to file damages is power fluctuations. They happen in unpredictable times like when a video is played on or when a video clip is downloaded from the network etc. In all these cases you may end up in MOV video clip damage. However, this event can be avoided to a certain extent if you have a connected UPS system on your computer.

Codec errors: Every music player is embedded with certain codec to help in playing of videos. Codec is supporting programs that is necessary to play videos of certain particular file extensions. QuickTime player contains the codec to support different file extension videos. When a codec it’s corrupted it may damage the clip that it uses and make it unplayable

QuickTime Clip repair is user-friendly software that can perform easy and fast repair of the damaged Clip within few minutes after the installation. Visit the link http://www.repairquicktime.com/damaged-unrecognized-movie-files.html to fix movie files that are severely damaged & shows an unrecognizable format when you try to access them. It performs a read-only operation on the actual corrupted video and saves the repaired file in a new location. This tool is even facilitated with a preview option to help you play and watch the video before saving them back to the system. Get more detailed information about how to fix error 2048 QuickTime by selecting this third-party tool

By using this software you can resolve all the problems and save your healthy file back to the system for the view. It also assists to repair QuickTime on Mac OS X and other latest version of Windows. Along with MOV clips, you will be able to fix corrupted MP4, MPEG files as well.

Steps to repair QuickTime clip:

Step 1: Install QuickTime Video repair tool on your Windows or Mac PC by downloading the software from this page. Launch it after the installation and when home screen is displayed browse and select the damaged QuickTime video clip and select “Repair”

Repair QuickTime Clip- Home Page

Step 2: After selecting the software performs a fixing and displays a screen with a preview option. Preview the video to make sure that entire video is repaired without any hurdles

Repair QuickTime Clip - Quicktime File Repair Progress

Step 3: After the preview buy this software online and save the file back to your system by clicking on the “Save” button

Repair QuickTime Clip - Save Quicktime File