• A highly effective tool that fixes damaged/corrupt videos on iPhones
  • Capable to restore QuickTime videos, MP4 files as well as corrupt files on a camcorder
  • Damaged or erroneous videos can be fixed with a simple scan process
  • The software securely extracts the media without altering the video content

iPhones are designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. It runs Apple iOS mobile Operating System and they are called as iOS devices. The user interface is built around the device’s multi-touch screen. Actually, iPhone supports a specific video format, so not all generic video file formats can be played on it.  However, watching videos on the iPhone makes you feel great due to its quality.

Well, let us consider a scenario where your iPhone video gets corrupted. You would have attended some important seminar and recorded a video of it by your iPhone. But when you try to play it, you get a message saying that the video cannot be played. At this situation, you might be disappointed and takes a friends suggestion to get back that video. But it doesn’t work. This is not the only problem you may face. There are many such situations where your iPhone video file may get corrupted.

General scenarios for which you need to know how to repair corrupt iPhone video:

  • Virus Infection: Virus is a common threat. If your iPhone has stored some infected files, then there are chances that virus may affect all other files including video, music etc. In such situation, the best software to fix corrupt iPhone video which is affected due to virus is Repair QuickTime Software.
  • Transfer Errors: If your iPhone suddenly switches off while transferring the video file from iPhone to PC or vice-versa. It may lead to video file corruption. By using the Repair QuickTime software, you can easily solve this problem and also you can repair corrupt mov file captured using other digital devices.
  • Improper Download: If there is any interruption while downloading the video through the internet on your iPhone, then there are chances of getting video corrupted. In such situation, you can easily fix these broken videos by using the Repair QuickTime software.
  • Changing File Extensions: If you would have tried to change the iPhone video format to some other format which is not supported by iPhone, then it might result in a file corruption. In order to perform iPhone video corrupt repair, you can use Repair QuickTime software.

Salient Features of the Repair QuickTime Software:

The Repair QuickTime is efficient software which is specially designed to fix corrupt iPhone video files. This software is unique compared to any other software’s available in the market. The software will repair a large sized corrupted video file and supports all type of video file formats like MOV and MP4 which are common formats of iPhone. It repairs the corrupted file by keeping the reference of the healthy file.

This software has an automated repair wizard which separates audio and video parts of corrupted file and combines it together to form a playable video. It is capable of repairing corrupted Nikon video file and it is fast and secure. Once the video is repaired, you can save it in any desired location.

Steps to repair corrupt iPhone video:

Step 1: Download and install the Repair QuickTime software to fix corrupt iPhone video. Browse and select your repair corrupt iPhone video file.

Repair corrupt iPhone video- Home Page

Step 2: Once the repair process is complete, it provides a "Preview" of the repaired iPhone video file.

Repair corrupt iPhone video - iPhone video file repaired

Step 3: Save the file to any desired location after previewing it.

Repair corrupt iPhone video- Save iPhone video file

Tips and suggestions:

  • Always download a video properly via the internet on your iPhone and make sure there is no interruption while downloading.
  • Never change the file extensions of your iPhone video file.  
  • Do not transfer virus infected file to your iPhone from PC.