• A highly remarkable tool that fixes corrupt MP4 media in simple clicks
  • Runs smoothly on all versions of Mac OSX
  • Unplayable or damaged videos can be instantly repaired with a quick scan
  • Recreates a new video file in a playable format
  • Assures no sort of modifications to the original files

An MP4 is a multimedia format used to store audio and video data. The MP4 is also referred to as MPEG-4 AVC, it means Advanced Video Coding. The MP4 file format allows the combination of audio, video and some other information. Because of MP4 technology, it is possible to create high-quality videos and 3D graphics. Similar to other files, the MP4 video files stored on your Mac computer is also very prone damage due to some software errors. In order to repair damaged MP4 files on Mac, you can use any third-party MP4 repair software. This tool is designed to fix damaged MP4 file on Mac, using advanced technology. It can fix QuickTime on Mac and makes the damaged videos as perfect playable videos.

Some of the situations where the people need to make use of the MP4 repair software

  • You have recorded an MP4 video clip using your Phone but it is not playing either on your phone or other media players. The audio is ok but the video is seeing in green and black. Refer http://www.repairquicktime.com/fixing-corrupt-mp4.html for repairing damaged MP4 files
  • You have recorded a series of videos with the camcorder and transferred them to your computer. When you try to play them on your computer, then you may be getting an error message.
  • You have recovered deleted video files using recovery software but the videos are unreadable or not opening.
  • You have recorded a video of 30 min or more than this using Android phone. When you start to play the video, its playing well for a few minutes but after that image freezes.

Like these, the MP4 videos recorded using the digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorders and any other video recorder may become inaccessible due to MP4 video corruption. You may encounter the above situations due to virus attack, low battery of your camera, incomplete file transfer, downloading error, memory card full, system crash, etc. Whatever it is, you can fix damaged MP4 file on Mac using reliable and efficient MP4 repair software.

The tool can repair damaged MP4 video file on Mac if it is refused to play on QuickTime. You can repair broken QuickTime file which is not getting struck and not playing, using this program. This application can also fix the videos which are abruptly stopped to play due to camera faulty firmware. To repair damaged MP4 files on Mac, the tool uses inbuilt scanning technology to detect bad data in the file. It can fix the video errors by scanning the video within a couple of minutes. It supports to fix damaged MP4 file on Mac OS X 10.5 and the latest versions like Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks, Sierra etc. It has got the ability to repair MOV header in an effective and efficient way. If you want to know more about how to repair MOV header then, visit: www.repairquicktime.com/mov-header.html

The MP4 Repair tool has many advanced features, which makes possible to repair damaged MP4 video file on Mac without causing any smore damage. It is not only used to repair damaged MP4 files Mac but it can also repair broken or corrupted MOV files. Once the damaged video repair process is completed, you can get the preview of that video. Thus you can check the repaired video quality before saving on any storage media. If you are a Windows user then you can fix Quicktime on Winodws 7 by using Windows version of this tool. Apart from this, you can also use efficient utility to repair .mov files not playing on Windows media player. If you want to know how to repair .mov files not playing on Windows media player, then visit: www.repairquicktime.com/mov-files-not-playing-on-windows-media-player.html.

Steps to repair damaged MP4 files on Mac

Step 1: Browse the damaged MP4 file using the “Open” option and then click on the “Repair” button as shown in Fig 1.

Repair Damaged MP4 Files Mac - Browse damaged MP4 file

Fig 1: Browse damaged MP4 file

Step 2: Once the repaired process is complete, you can use the “Preview repaired File” option to view video before saving as shown in Fig 2.

How to Repair Damaged MP4 Video on Mac? - Preview repaired File

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Finally you can save the repaired video using “Save Repaired File” option as shown in Fig 3.

Repair Damaged MP4 Video Files on Mac - Save Repaired File

Fig 3: Save repaired File