QuickTime application is loved by most of the computers since it offers a very high quality in playing a video and music. They are a full fledge music player with codecs supporting a wide variety of video files. In today’s generation you have people who watch movies to reduce the mental pressure from the daily leisure schedule of work. Hence, such a player helps them to download and view their favorite films from the internet or from their personal collections. You have the QuickTime versions which support installation on both Mac and Windows computer. But in Mac they are a part of operating system installation, whereas in Windows they have to be installed by as a third party tool. They play videos and sounds with best clarity a user wish to have.

Think of a scenario wherein you just plug in your pen drive which contained your favorite video to your system without knowing the fact that your system is been infected with malicious threats which is already started to destroy data. When you connected your device, it rapidly spread on the stored files and caused damage on files. When you clicked on your video and try to play it, suddenly for your surprise, the operating system displays a error “File can’t be recognized” or “Unrecognized video file”. Usually such messages are displayed when you play an incompatible video on QuickTime player. But the case is not same here since the message is displayed due to QuickTime file damage. What will you usually do at this instance? Most of them ignore the problem and go to internet to download the video again. Doing this is a tiring task as well as you may not know if the file you are downloading also is corrupted. Hence, avoid all these alternatives and go for a repairing process for the existing video which is done by a tool called Repair Damaged Unrecognized QuickTime.

Using this tool you can fix the problem and bring back the file with its original clarity and properties on Mac system. Adding to this, the software allows user to repair QuickTime file on Windows XP as well as other Windows operating systems. It also allows you to repair various MP4 video error such as Codec error, format error and so on. You can easily perform MP4 video error repair with the use of this effective tool in your system. If you want to know more about how to repair MP4 video error then, go through this link: http://www.repairquicktime.com/mp4-video-error.html

Reasons which lead to damage and unrecognized QuickTime movie file:

Antivirus scanning: Today you have a different variety of software in the market designed to get your different task done. Antivirus software is one of them. They are intended to kill all the malicious threats before or after infecting the system. They scan the device and detect the infected files and kill the virus. But sometime if QuickTime movie file is infected, this software in trying to kill the virus, may alter the file structure of the file and corrupt the data. Check Here in order to fix damaged MP4 files

Problems in power lines: For constant power supply to the computers you need a proper wiring without any hurdles in the lines. Though if a wiring in done well, a user have chances of pulling the wires by mistake which may loosen the wiring. The loose wiring may sometimes cause sudden shutdown while playing the QuickTime movie file which results in file damage which make them a unrecognized for QuickTime player

Downloading attachment: There are many sites over the internet from where a user search for their favorite movie and download them to their personal computer. Generally, the files you download from internet are infected which can cause harm to the system when saved. Hence when a QuickTime compatible movie is downloaded and opened, you encounter “Unrecognized File” due to data damage

Repair Damaged Unrecognized QuickTime is designed to fix all the problems that caused the QuickTime movie file damage, keeping the original properties and file intact. Go to the link http://www.repairquicktime.com/clip.html to fix and get the corrupted video clips back in a healthy condition. One of the special features of this software is “Preview”. Using this feature user can view the video before making restoration. Visit Here to get information on how to fix QuickTime video on Mac.

This software is compatible to fix movie files with extensions like .mov, .mpeg, .mp4 etc. This software also supports Mac Operating System i.e. you can fix damaged MP4 files on Mac including MOV, MPEG etc. You can download the demo version to know how easy it’s the steps and how effectively it performs the repair. It can repair QuickTime error 2048 and other related errors of MOV file damage. Then what are you waiting for download this tool can get the problems resolved in few minutes after the installation

Steps to repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files:

Step 1: Click on the download link on this page and perform an installation on your computer. After the installation double click on the desktop icon and launch the tool. A home page appears with a browse button, click on it and browse and select the damaged QuickTime file and click “Repair”

Repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files- Home Page

Step 2: The software starts the fixing process and on completion it displays a screen with preview option. Click it and preview the repaired video

How to Repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files? - Quicktime File Repair Progress

Step 3: After the preview you can save the file to any new memory location by clicking the Save option

Repair damaged or unrecognized QuickTime movie files - Quicktime File Preview