• Professional Video repair tool that can audio & video out of sync issues in MP4, MOV, and M4V video files
  • Available in Windows as well as Mac version that is compatible with Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, and their latest versions
  • Capable of fixing any issues with MOV, MP4, and M4V video files such as error 2048, 2041, video file not found, and other errors
  • Trial version of the software is available for free download that fixes audio & video sync issues in MP4 file, and allows a free preview of the repaired MP4 file in QuickTime Player even before activating the complete version of the software

MP4 is the most commonly used video format as it is compatible with various storage devices like desktop/laptop computers, Smartphones, iPods, and more. It also supports numerous media players on Windows and Mac OS platforms. But at times, when you try to play MP4 video, you may face different issues and one among them is audio-video synchronization problem i.e., audio lagging behind video or vice-versa. Even there is a chance that, audio continues to play and video gets freezed and vice-versa.

Anyhow, this synchronization issue can be fixed manually by adjusting the frame rate in MP4 file or using media player to compress audio and video bits. But if this process gets failed or you unable to fix MP4 audio video sync problem using any other method then you need to make use of a suitable repair utility. Well, in the current era, lots of repair tools are available, and if you want to know how to fix the audio video sync MP4 issue in easy and an efficient way, then make utilization of the Repair QuickTime Software. This repair program has powerful inbuilt algorithms that are specially designed to fix any kind of issues related MP4 and other video files. If you are unable to play .mov file in QuickTime player, then you can take the assistance of this utility to make .mov video playable again on QT and other media players.

Factors that causes audio & video Sync issues in MP4 file

  • Codec Issue: If any audio or video codecs are missing from the file, or if the codecs don’t support the media player, then it may lead to audio video sync problems in the MP4 file.
  • Due to External Threats: External threats like malware, virus, Trojan, spyware, etc., are the major causes for partial or complete video corruption i.e., if the MP4 video gets affected by virus or malware, then video turns inaccessible or you may face above -mentioned issue.
  • Disruption/Interruption: While transferring, or downloading MP4 video files, if any disruptions take place, then there are chances for the audio file to get corrupt, and when you try to play such MP4 video, the audio will be delayed which indicates MP4 sync issue.
  • Mismatched Frame: If the length of the video frame is a bit longer than the audio frame or specified processor takes much time to make video frames with respect to audio frames, then you may experience an audio problem in MP4 file.

The audio video sync problems in MP4 file may also arise due to an improper termination of media player, header corruption, incorrect video editing process, errors while altering file format, and more. However, you can get rid of these causes using the Repair QuickTime software as it guides you how to fix audio-video sync MP4 within a few clicks. Apart from this, you can easily perform MP4 video error repair within a couple of minutes.

Repair QuickTime - Free Software to Fix Audio Video Sync Issues in MP4 File

The Repair QuickTime is an appropriate solution to fix MP4 audio video sync issues. This amazing app has robust repairing engine that efficiently fixes video-audio sync MP4 problems with ease. It has the capability to fix the corrupt MP4 file. It is the most preferred and recommended an app for fixing audio-video sync problems MP4. This advanced repair utility built with a fully automated repair process which can fix any kind of issues related to MP video files such as CRC error, broken issues, unknown or unrecognized errors, etc. It is compatible on Windows (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Win Server 2003 and 2008) as well as on Mac (Mac Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, etc.). By using its intuitive user interface, even non-tech users can know how to fix audio video sync MP4 problems. Other than fixing audio video sync MP4 file, it also facilitates you to fix any issues regarding MOV and other forms video files. It has the ability to separately repair audio and video streams and then adjoins them to make into a healthy and playable video file. Using the preview features, you view the fixed MP4 file prior to restoration.

Steps to fix audio video sync issues in MP4:

Step 1: Make a simple installation of the software on your computer to fix MP4 audio video sync. Then, browse and select your MP4 files which need to be fixed and then click on the "Repair" button.

Fix Audio Video Sync MP4 - Home Page

Step 2: Upon the completion of the scanning process, it provides a "Preview" option to view the fixed MP4 video file.

Fixing Audio and Video Sync in MP4 Files - Preview Fixed MP4 File

Step 3: "Save" the fixed MP4 video file after previewing it.

How to Fix Audio Video Sync in MP4? - Save Fixed MP4 Video File