QuickTime developed by Apple is not just a player. It is a multimedia development framework, incorporated with both storage and playback technology. Using QuickTime, you can associate video, text, animation in a sole file. You can easily view and control arrays of concise multimedia.

You can avail marvelous features of QuickTime, that comes with your Web browser. Else, you need to download it from Apple’s official website. However, many of you might have experienced problems while installing QuickTime on your system. So, let’s have a look at some common errors/issues that you may face during and after QuickTime installation, along with troubleshooting.

Issue 1. Cannot install QuickTime on new computer

If you wish to get QuickTime on a new computer or after fresh OS installation then you may face errors and thus, the installation will not get completed. So, follow these steps to install QuickTime on your new computer.

  • Get current version of QuickTime from Apple’s site
  • First, double click on AppleApplicationSupport.msi to install
  • Next for AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi
  • Open Apple Software Update and find QuickTime in the list
  • Install QuickTime and restart your computer

Issue 2. Unable to install QuickTime on Windows

You may receive “Unable to install QuickTime” error code when installing QuickTime on Windows computers. Generally, an outdated/damaged version of Apple Software Update (for Windows) cause this error. To fix it,

  • Go to Start Menu and select All Programs
  • Open Apple Software Update window
  • Check for latest version of Apple Software Update
  • If you find any, update the Apple Software Update via select key
  • Deselect other software (if offered)
  • Install new edition of Apple Software Update
  • Proceed to install QuickTime

Note: If you fail to find Apple Software Update in All Programs or there is no latest edition of Apple Software Update then repair your Apple Software Update for Windows, restart your computer and follow the above method.

Issue 3: Cannot access QuickTime

Some users fail to launch QuickTime, even after complete installation. At those times try closing other programs that are running on your computer. This is to ensure that your computer is not under heavy task due to overload.

Apart from installation and access problems, you may also face issues in playing QuickTime videos. Most of the typical QuickTime errors like 2048, Failed to load movie header, CRC, File not detected, etc. doesn’t allow you to open video files. Even after doing changes in settings, updated codecs, if you cannot play video and thinking how to fix error 2048 on QuickTime or searching ways to troubleshoot any other issues in QuickTime video files then Repair QuickTime tool assuredly assists you.

The utility reads your video file, creates one replica of it. Later, it separates the reproduced file as video and audio streams. Finally, it fixes both and adjoins them. Thus, your original file is intact. Also, you can preview the file after repair process. The tool has simple GUI and offers you excellent technical guidance. So, you can effortlessly fix any issue of your QuickTime video. The software is compatible to work on several file formats i.e. it can doubtlessly repair MP4 video file error, corrupted MOV file, unrecognized M4V video etc.

Steps to repair QuickTime Video using QuickTime Repair tool:

Step 1: Install the tool and run it. Pick your corrupted QuickTime file and a healthy file. Hit the Repair key

Unable To Play MOV File In QuickTime - Home Page

Step 2: Preview the fixed file and save it on safe location

Repair Unable QuickTime MOV File - Save QuickTime MOV File