• The splendid tool to restore unplayable iTunes media on QuickTime
  • Built with a strong algorithm that scans and fixes the damaged video files instantly
  • Recreates a new playable file in a matter of minutes
  • Does not alter any part of the original media file
  • Also capable to repair MP4 files and media on the camcorders

Last night, we had a party in my home and all my relatives and close friends were invited for the same. During the party time, I recorded a video of length 1:23 hours, and it was saved with an extension .mov. This morning, I stored this recorded MOV video in iTunes library and tried to play it in QuickTime player. But QT player refused to play iTunes file and displayed an error message saying that the file is corrupted. I don’t what has happened to my iTunes video file, but at any cost I need this file to be repaired. So, someone please suggest me how to repair QuickTime iTunes video? Thanks in advance.

Have you too encountered the same issue as mentioned in the above scenario? If so, then don’t be tensed!! It is common to see that, iTunes video files may get corrupted due to several reasons and becomes unplayable on QuickTime and other media players. Anyhow, iTunes QuickTime repair can be easily done. But to carry out this repair task or know how to repair QuickTime iTunes files, you need to use most reliable and an advanced repair tool named as Repair QuickTime Software. It is the perfect solution to do the task of QuickTime repair for iTunes files. Other than repairing QuickTime iTunes videos, it also has the capability to repair corrupt iPhone video within a few mouse clicks. Now have a look at the scenarios for which you need to perform QuickTime repair for iTunes:

  • If the firmware of your video capturing device is failed or damaged, then the recorded video might have been corrupted due to which QuickTime player displayed an error when you try to play the corrupt iTunes video file.
  • While transferring the video file from camera storage media to the computer or iTunes library, if any sort of interruption takes place, then there are chances for video corruption.
  • A severe virus attack can corrupt the iTunes library files. As a result of this, QuickTime player refuses to open or play virus infected iTunes video files.
  • Abrupt termination of QuickTime player or system shut down while playing iTunes video can corrupt and make the video file unplayable on any of the media player.

Video header corruption, incorrect iTunes synchronization, improper download, bad sectors on the hard disk, codec issues, use on an unreliable third-party tool, etc., are other causes for a video file corruption. However, with the help of the Repair QuickTime software, you can easily know how to repair the QuickTime iTunes video within a few simple steps.

Significant features of the Repair QuickTime Software

Repair QuickTime is a special tool which has been reviewed and suggested by the industry experts to perform a QuickTime repair for iTunes files. It involves a quick, secure and easy repair process to repair corrupted iTunes videos that are unplayable on the QuickTime player. QuickTime repairing for iTunes can be effortlessly done with the help of this proficient tool. This repairing program has been built with easy to use interface and powerful repairing algorithms that helps you to repair damaged or broken video files with utmost ease. Using this repair utility, you can fix corrupt MP4, MOV and AVI video files. It has the potential to preserve original iTunes files and save repaired file in a new location. It has the ability to handle and repair severely corrupted and large video files. QuickTime repair for iTunes can be done on both Windows and Mac based computers. In order to repair video files, it separates out the audio and video data and then adjoins them to make a playable and healthy video. It allows you to preview repaired iTunes video before restoration.

Steps to perform QuickTime repair for iTunes:

Step 1: Installation the software to repair QuickTime iTunes. Continue to browse the corrupt iTunes files and then click on the "Repair" button.

QuickTime Repair for iTunes - Home Page

Step 2: On completing the scanning process, it provides a "Preview" option to view the repaired video file.

Repair QuickTime iTunes - Quicktime File Repair Progress

Step 3: "Save" the repaired QuickTime iTunes file after previewing it.

How to Repair QuickTime iTunes? - Save Quicktime File