• The highly integrated utility to fix GoPro movie files with ease
  • A strong repair engine scan the media that is corrupt and regenerates a new playable file
  • Also supports a recovery of QuickTime and MP4 files
  • Broken or corrupt video files can be fixed at an instant rate

GoPro, Inc. is an American corporation that develops, manufactures and markets outstanding high-definition camcorder, which allows you to capture excitement-packed footage in a way that’s simply impossible with an ordinary camcorder. There is a wide range of waterproof and shock-resistant cameras developed by GoPro, which are incredibly useful gadgets that comes with wearable functionality and enable you to capture videos while cycling, surfboards and other sports activity. It can easily be mounted on helmet, wrist or fitted on boats, cars, etc.

GoPro uses the brand name Hero and generates video on the MP4 file format. It also provides software to convert video into other file format so that it can be playable with various media player. Unfortunately, like other videos GoPro movies are also prone to get damaged due to various reasons. And a corruption of such adventurous GoPro video will be surely painful. If you are a GoPro camcorder user then you should be aware of how to repair GoPro movies as now or later you may also face a GoPro video corruption scenarios. However, now there is nothing get worried about the video corruption scenarios as by using the best and a highly-rated utility called the QuickTime Repair tool, you can effortlessly perform GoPro movie repair on Windows and Mac computers. The software performs a read-only operation and ensures that your GoPro movie remains altered during the repair process.

Common reasons behind the GoPro movie corruption

  • Interruption While Transferring: Any interruption while transferring video to or from the computer may damage GoPro video file and make them unplayable.
  • Virus Attack: Virus is one of the most common but does not an ignorable thing, it always try to annoy you by modifying files and programs on your system. It may damage your GoPro file and make them inaccessible.
  • Recording while Camera Indicating Low Battery: Continuously recording video even when your GoPro device running with a low battery may sometimes interrupt the recording process, and as a result, the recorded movie or video file might get corrupt and media players refuse to open it. At this situation, you may start thinking about how to fix recorded videos which got corrupt due to the recording while low camera battery.
  • Unreliable Converter Tool: Even though GoPro movie files are convertible easily to other format but using any unreliable converter may corrupt GoPro file and may create another problem in front of you.
  • Unsupported Media Player: When you try to open or play GoPro movie using unsupported media player, then there are chances for you GoPro video file to get corrupt.
  • Other Reasons: Despite above-mentioned reasons, there are more reasons which may lead to the corruption of GoPro file such as GoPro index corruption, header corruption, bad sectors, etc.

Repair Quick Time is an advanced utility that helps to repair movies or video files (.mp4) recorded from GoPro and other camcorders. It compensates for all the corruption scenarios that make the MP4 file unplayable. This effective tool helps to repair corrupted GoPro movie on Windows and Mac OSX. Apart from MP4 files, it can also repair MOV, AVI and other formats of video files.

Amazing Features of the QuickTime Repair Software

QuickTime Repair software enables you to safely perform GoPro movie repair in a short span of time. It has an inbuilt read-only algorithm which ensures you that there will not be any modification while repairing the GoPro movie file. By using this software, you can fix broken or corrupted GoPro videos. The easy-to-use interface of this program guides even novice users on how to repair GoPro movie file as it follows a fully automated process with few inputs. During repairing process, it separates audio and video stream and then adjoin them to create new playable GoPro movie file. Beside GoPro movie repair, it can be used to fix broken or corrupted MP4 videos captured from various camcorders such as Samsung, Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic etc. To get more information about how to fix Nikon video file refer this page. This software supports Windows as well as Mac OS, thus you can use it in any computer to fix GoPro movie file.

Steps to repair GoPro movie files:

Step 1: After successful installation of software, browse the corrupted GoPro movie file to repair it.

GoPro Movie Repair -  Main Screen

Fig 1: Browse GoPro Movie

Step 2: After repairing the corrupted GoPro movie, the software will create a new healthy movie file.

Fix GoPro Movie - Preview

Fig 2: Preview Repaired GoPro Movie

Step 3: After Previewing, save the repaired GoPro movie to the desired location.

How to Repair GoPro Movie File - Save

Fig 3: Save Repaired GoPro Movie