MP4 is the most commonly used video format as it provides high-resolution video output, and playable on various devices such as desktop/laptop computer, mobile phones, cameras, iPods, camcorders, etc. But MP4 files stored on these devices might not be secured as there are a number of reasons that often results in a broken/corrupt video file. Once, MP4 video file gets broken, then the media/video player refuses to open it. So, in such circumstances, the user gets frightened and starts searching for how to repair the broken MP4 video file.

Anyhow, on the web you will find plenty of application designed for the broken MP4 video repair but in order to proceed with this repair process, you need to choose the most relevant tool like Repair QuickTime Software. This repair program performs secured and read-only operation so, it doesn’t modify or further corrupt the broken MP4 file during the repair process. This advanced app provides a step-by-step procedure to know how to repair broken MP4 video files. Along with repairing broken MP4 files, it can also repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files in a short span of time. Now before knowing about broken MP4 video repair, let’s see the scenarios leads to a broken MP4 file;

  • MP4 Header Corruption: The MP4 video header might get corrupted due to different known and unknown reasons and once it gets corrupted then it results in broken MP4 file and media players refuse to open such video files.
  • Bad Sectors: A bad sector is corrupt storage space on hard disk so, the MP4 video files stored on this memory may get damaged and become unplayable.
  • Changing Video Format: Selecting an unreliable tool to convert .mp4 file to other video formats, or interruptions during the conversions process can corrupt MP4 file and make it inaccessible.
  • Incorrect Download: If any sort obstacles/interruptions occur when downloading MP4 video files then the downloaded file might get damaged and you may face different issue or error when try to play it.

MP4 video may get broken/damaged due to other reasons too like incompatible media player, disruption during the transfer process, power surge, CRC error, damaged storage media, virus attack and more. However, you can overcome from these video corruption scenarios, or know how to repair broken MP4 video files by using the Repair QuickTime Software. Apart from this, you can effectively repair MOV video on Windows 8 with the use of this tool in Windows 8 system.

Significant features of Repair QuickTime Software

Repair QuickTime is powerful and relatively the best broken MP4 video repair tool. This software has a fast, easy and a secure process to repair broken MP4 files. It has the potential to repair audio and video streams separately and then adjoin them to make a playable video without any difficulty. It also has the capability to repair corrupt iPhone video, also the MP4 and MOV files stored on the hard drive, memory stick, iPods, CF cards, flash drives, etc. The process of broken MP4 video file repair can be done on Windows as well as on Mac OS based machines.

Repair QuickTime is extremely efficient in repairing not playing Mp4 files on a camcorder of various brands like Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, etc. Using this proficient tool, you can even repair a large-sized broken or damaged video files with utmost ease. The intuitive user interface of this tool guides even novice users to know how to repair broken MP4 video files in a few simple clicks. After the completion of repair process, you can preview repaired Mp4 video before saving.

Steps to know how to repair broken MP4 video file:

Step 1: Make a simple installation of the software on your computer. Then, browse and select your broken MP4 files which need to be fixed and then click on the "Repair" button.

How to Repair Broken MP4 Video File? - Home Page

Step 2: On completing the scanning process, it provides a "Preview" option to view the fixed MP4 video file.

Tool to Repair Broken MP4 Video File - Preview Fixed MP4 File

Step 3: "Save" the fixed MP4 video file after previewing it.

Broken MP4 Video Repair - Save Fixed MP4 Video File