• The highly-integrated software to resolve issues with out-of-sync MOV files
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  • It is a read-only tool that will not cause any modifications to the source media file
  • Works with QuickTime videos, MP4 files and media on camcorders

“I have downloaded some movies but all of them are out of sync. I tried to use some media players but when I drag the file to adjust the sound, there is no sound coming out? Please help me; I don't want to lose those movies. Can anyone tell me how to fix an out of sync movie file?”

This kind of problem is also known as lip sync error and occurs when the video file is corrupt or damaged. No one can bear this kind of situation, even if the difference in audio and video is negligible. The synchronization is distorted in basically two ways –

  1. Either video is ahead of audio, or
  2. The audio is ahead of the video

Out of sync problem might occur due to many reasons; some of which are discussed below. Before knowing how to fix out of sync video and audio, you must know these reasons.

Incomplete Download – If the video downloading process is left of sync movie, make use of the repair QuickTime tool.

Missing Codecs – Codecs are the necessary information that helps in the proper playing of a video file. But sometimes due to missing or wrong codecs, the out of sync problem might occur. You can easily download the missing codecs from the internet to correct this problem.

Transfer Interruption – Suppose you are transferring (moving) some video files from one storage device to the another. Before the completion of the process, your system shuts down or the process is terminated manually then there are chances that the video file gets corrupted.

Converting the file type – There are times when the user changes the file type of a video file to make it playable in a particular type of video player. But sometimes this action might lead to the corruption in the converted video file. The converted video file might suffer out of sync problems.

There are two different kinds of synchronization problems in video files –

  1. The video is out of sync from the starting till the end.
  2. In the starting, the video is synchronized but as the time progresses, either audio lags behind or the video.

To know how to fix an out of sync movie, make use of the QuickTime video repair tool. This is a non-destructive read-only tool which does not modify the original video file, instead works on a copy of it. It separates the audio and video parts and then repairs them. After that, the repaired parts are combined which will result in a healthy video. The software has been built with deep and advanced repairing algorithms which enable the user to fix out of sync video within a short span of time. It can also repair various QuickTime errors like 2048. For more info visit http://www.repairquicktime.com/how-to-fix-error-2048.html. To know the proper working of this software, download demo version from the links provided on this page. In order to save the repaired file, you need to purchase the full version.

How to fix out of sync video and audio?

Step 1 – From the main screen select the corrupted video file and a healthy one for reference. Click on “Repair” option.

How to Fix an Out of Sync Movie - Home Page

Step 2 – Now the tool will start the repairing process.

Fix Out of Sync MOV File - Quicktime File Repair Progress

Step 3 – After that, a summary is displayed with the repaired file contents. This file can be previewed using the “Preview” option. At last save the fixed video files to the desired destination.

How to Fix Out of Sync Movies? - Quicktime File Preview