Error 2048 is very annoying, and it appears sometimes when you try to play video files on QuickTime Player. Here's a solution to fix the issue. Repair QuickTime software fixes any errors that you encounter while playing a video file in QuickTime Player. Download the tool for free, and try now..!

QuickTime is an Apple media player that can play your video with a good quality and high-audio clarity. They have a codec that supports a wide variety of video file extensions. Users basically use them to watch videos from the internet and other personal videos copied from the digital camcorders.

Consider an event, where you had taken video of your birthday party using your digital camcorders. This could be a most amazing party you ever had in your life. Once everyone left the party, you decided to view the video on your system. You connected the memory card to your system and converted the file format to MOV format. After the conversion when you were about to play the video it prompted an error message “No Movie found” or “Error 2048”. You keep on trying to open it in different ways, but at last, you are left with an error message. In such situations you go furious, isn’t it? After all, your only copy of QuickTime file is damaged. Did you know that such files can be fixed? Yes, the internet may provide with different ways to fix them like doing some change in settings etc. But doing this can sometimes the situation worse than to resolve it. One of the best ways that can help you fix them without facing any hurdles is using Fix QuickTime error tool. It’s a simple software with very easy steps that do not need any technical knowledge to be operated. It also assists you to repair MOV header with utmost ease.

Factors leading to the corruption of the QuickTime video files that inturn resulting in 2048 error

Interruption while transferring: At times there can arise needs to transfer a movie from one drive to the another. Suppose you transfer a film by having a large file size, it obviously takes a longer time to get the complete transfer done. In between this process, if your system gets shut down, the whole file structure gets altered causing QuickTime video damage. On restarting the system and reopening the video you are left with a 2048 error.

Playing a video in incompatible player: There are videos formats that support playing only on a QuickTime player. Without having this knowledge some users attempt to open the QuickTime videos on different players which damages the data structure of the videos and make them unplayable by throwing “No movie found” message. In such instances, there is no other option than fixing the problem

Storing a QuickTime video in a logically damaged device: Storage device gets worn out as they are used for a longer time. When you save a QuickTime file on a logical damage device you may end up in a damage to the QuickTime movie. In all these circumstances Fix QuickTime error can help you to fix the damage by its strong built-in algorithms

Free QuickTime Repair Software to Fix QuickTime Error 2048 in Video Files

Fix QuickTime error is a read-only software that read the original file, identifies the root cause for the QuickTime file damage and fix them effectively and save them as a new healthy file. You can visit here to know more details about fixing the corrupt QuickTime video. Videos of any numbers or the size, is effectively fixed using a tool of this sort. It also facilitates option which can be helpful when you are not able to find it on the large list.

Once the repair is done the preview option on this tool can help you see the video before you store them to some location of the drive. It can perform QuickTime clip repair on various versions of Windows and Mac. It's sure that you will be astonished seeing a perfect tool of this sort. Also, you can learn how to fix error 2048 QuickTime, by watching the YouTube video tutorial.

Complete Guidelines to Fix Error 2048 in QuickTime Video Files:

Step 1: Download the application and install it on your PC. Run the software then browse and select the damaged QuickTime file by clicking the “Browse” option and click on the “Repair” button.

How to fix QuickTime error 2048- Home Page

Step 2: Once the repair process completes it displays a window with a preview file option preview the fixed MOV file

fix error 2048 QuickTime - Quicktime repair progress screen

Step 3: Buy the software and save the fixed video file in a secure location.

fix QuickTime error 2048? - Save Quicktime File Screen