• The eminent technique to repair QuickTime media files on Mac
  • Efficiently repairs corrupt or broken movie files
  • Fixes and restores media files without altering the source file
  • Runs flexibly on versions of Macintosh

QuickTime is a multimedia platform that helps to watch videos from the internet, personal clips and HD streaming videos supporting a wide range of file formats. You can enjoy watching any video with high quality having this tool installed on your system. With the assistance of its simple and user-friendly interface, it makes the video even more enjoyable. Having a QuickTime application you will be able to convert certain file types to other formats when you are willing to bring about certain changes on your work. They also help you to create your own customized movie clip with a camera.

When the QuickTime was launched it supported operating system like Mac OS X. Later Apple contracted Canyon Company and developed QuickTime for Windows operating system. QuickTime provides an interactive interface when played on Mac. They embed options to share the videos directly to different social and video sharing sites. QuickTime has the capability of merging multiple clips into a single video without any hurdles. Vast Mac users started using them admiring its supporting features. During the course of usage, you may encounter problems while playing any of the videos. The reason might be QuickTime file damage. To play such video you need fix the damage or have a backup of that video. What if you don’t have a backup? The only left option is fixing them and this can be accomplished only with an assistance of a repair tool like Mac QuickTime repair software. This advanced software can be supported on all versions of Mac System, so in order to repair QuickTime on Mountain Lion, you can utilize this software.

Let’s deal with some issues that cause QuickTime damage:

MOV header corruption: Every file is designed to be divided into parts namely the header and the body. Commonly header contains details about the file properties such as location, last modification time, file extension and other additional information and the body contains the data content of the video. Whenever a video is played, the Mac operating system first verifies the header and then retrieves the data and plays it for you. But if such a crucial part of the file face damage due to the reasons like file compression, the virus then the video can be no more played

CRC errors: Watching a movie is considered as one of the favorite past time till today. People search for a movie on the internet and download them on their personal computer. Since the movie file size is generally large, it takes a longer time to download the completely. During the download process if the system comes across an interruption in the internet then you may encounter CRC error due to data mismatch after receiving data on Macintosh. In such time you can fix them using Mac QuickTime Repair Software. Click http://www.repairquicktime.com/how-to-fix-error-2048.html to repair error 2096 in QuickTime

Malware attack: Virus is considered one of the dangerous programs in Mac computers. When a computer is infected by a malware you can face most simple to most severe damage of data. It attaches to the file and alters the header and body part of a MOV file and makes the QuickTime file unplayable

Mac QuickTime Repair is a highly expert software that helps you at times of QuickTime video damage used on your Mac operating system. Opting for this software is worth your money paid since it’s equipped with all the basic and advanced features that can give you the best outcome. You can also perform QuickTime clip repair with the guidance of this software. After the repair, the software displays a screen with the preview of the MOV video before you save them to your Mac system. This software can also easily repair corrupt MOV files stored on any storage device.

This software can be installed on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Mavericks, Sierra versions. With its help, you can repair damaged QuickTime movie file without causing any harm to the system and be keeping the original file intact. Refer here to have the detailed information about fixing unplayable movie files. Along with Mac, there is also a Windows version available to repair corrupted videos on Windows. You can run this tool on any versions of Windows like you can fix QuickTime files on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Steps explaining the procedure about how to fix QuickTime on Mac:

Step 1: Download the Mac QuickTime repair from the site and install it on your Macintosh system. Launch the software by manually clicking on it. Browse and select the damaged MOV file and click on the “Repair” button.

How to fix QuickTime on Mac- Home Page

Step 2: The repair process is performed and provides you with a new fixed file and a preview option. Preview the file to check its working.

How to fix QuickTime video file on Mac - Repair Progress screen

Step 3: Purchase the product and save the fixed file on a new location of your storage media.

Fix QuickTime file on Mac - Save Quicktime File Screen