Have you saved confidential or private movies or video clips on QuickTime app of your system and willing to know how to password protect a QuickTime movie? If so, then no need to worry at all because, you can effortlessly lock QuickTime movie and to lock QuickTime movie you have come to the safest place. Here you will get an effective tool that will lock QuickTime movie in just a few steps.

Apple Inc. has developed an advanced multimedia player which is known as QuickTime (QT) Player. One can view movies, personal video clips and internet videos on it with extremely high quality. QuickTime movies can be of any file formats such as MOV, MPEG, 3GP, MP4, AVI, etc. and one can also play songs on it. QuickTime has many advanced features such as it can be installed on all Operating Systems like Windows and Mac, other than MOV videos it also play some other media files, it has advanced video compression technology, etc.

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Among all the media files that are saved on QuickTime application, movies or video clips are very essential information. Because you might have captured your private videos, and also you might downloaded the videos from internet that you don’t want to share. In such cases, the only solution is to lock QuickTime movies by using some advanced software. By doing this, no one can access or open your private movies on QuickTime. Because when an unauthorized person tries to open a movie files then the app will ask for password that only you will be knowing.

In order to lock QuickTime movies or to encrypt QuickTime movies you may get many tools on the internet. But these tools might not be very effective because the encryption standard will not be so protective. Along with this, some unauthorized third party software may affect your videos and also your QuickTime application. So in order to lock QuickTime movies, you can use an effective and secure tool that is named as Remo MORE. With this advanced software, once you lock QuickTime movies then only you will be able to unlock it. Because it uses a single private key technology and that private key will be allotted only to you i.e. it will allow you provide password in order to lock QuickTime videos.

Why Remo MORE to lock QuickTime movies?

Remo MORE is powerful and a perfect tool to lock QuickTime movies and this has been recommended by industry professionals. It has been designed with many advanced features to encrypt QuickTime movies. It allows you to password protect QuickTime movie in just few simple steps. This tool has loaded with simple graphical user interface by using which even a non technical person can encrypt QuickTime movies. This is a highly rated tool and specially designed to secure QuickTime movie with password. This tool enables you to password protect QuickTime movie on any of the storage device. It has an ability to password protect QuickTime movie on various OS platforms such as Windows and Mac. This tool can also be used to delete duplicate and junk data, compress data, increase system speed and performance, etc. It supports you to recover, repair, optimize and manage data on various storage devices.

How to lock QuickTime movies?

Step 1: Download and Install Remo MORE Software and then launch the tool to know how to lock QuickTime movies.  Now choose a “File/Folder Locker” option to lock QuickTime movie files.

Lock QuickTime Movie - File/Folder Locker

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Step 2: Now Select and Add QuickTime movie files, after that click on Lock Button to encrypt QuickTime movies.

How to Lock a QuickTime Movie? - Add and Lock QuickTime movies

Step 3: Now enter the password to password protect QuickTime movies and then click on OK option.

Lock QuickTime MOV File - Enter Password

Step 4: All your selected QuickTime movies has been locked successfully.

Lock QuickTime Movie File - Locked Successfully

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