• The finest video repair solution that instantly fixes QuickTime videos
  • Resolves errors and corruptions occurring with QuickTime videos
  • Runs smoothly on Mountain Lion and all other Mac OSX versions
  • Fixes the issues with the input media file and recreates a healthy file
  • Assures no damages or modifications to the original video file

QuickTime is a powerful multimedia development, playback technology and storage provided by Apple to handle animation, sound, video, graphics, text and interactivity. QuickTime player that comes with a Web browser or can be downloaded from Apple, you can view and control brief multimedia sequences. As a cross-platform technology, it can deliver contents on Mac and Windows OS. QuickTime application is used to view, create, import, and export media by many different apps along with Final cut pro.


QuickTime player is an app that includes with Mac OS X like Mountain Lion. It serves as the key Mac OS X multimedia playback app and resides in the application folder. QuickTime player can play Audio, MP3 files, movies as well as other file types located on the disk, DVD, CD or via the internet. It can also play live Internet videos without needing a browser and can playback 3GPP and 3GGP2 files which are used for delivering media to mobile devices.

If such an important Media player got corrupted or damaged on your Mountain Lion device and you are not having any idea about QuickTime repair software, then you don’t have to be panic in order to repair QuickTime Mountain Lion because Repair QuickTime Software is the best tool that has been recommended by industry people to repair QuickTime Mac Mountain Lion which is a 10.8 version of Mac OS X. It has advanced scanning algorithm, which is used to repair unplayable QuickTime MOV file with ease. For more info, Refer link: www.repairquicktime.com/unable-to-play-mov-file.html .

Some of the Scenarios for which you need to Repair QuickTime Mountain Lion:

Antivirus Scanning: Antivirus is an application which has been designed to kill all the threats before or after infecting the system. This software scans entire system and detects the virus-infected files and folders and then kill the virus. If sometimes QuickTime files are infected then this software while trying to kill the virus may alter the file structure of the files and corrupt the data.

CRC Errors: In order to watch movies, people will search for it on the internet and download them on their personal computer as QuickTime MOV files give better experience compared to others. It takes a larger time to download movies as the size of the movie files is generally large. You may encounter CRC error as a result of data mismatch after receiving data on Mountain Lion due to an interruption during the download process. To clear this error you need to repair QuickTime Mountain Lion.

QuickTime Error 2048: QuickTime can undergo a severe damage in unpredictable times. After damage when you try to open a QuickTime MOV file, it can prompt you with certain errors like 2048. These errors occur due to different issues causing the QuickTime file damage. In order to overcome this error, you need to fix Error 2048 by using some repair software.

Repair QuickTime Software is the best tool to fix corrupted or damaged QuickTime files such as MP4, MOV, MPEG files. This tool is an award-winning utility to repair QuickTime Mac Mountain Lion including other versions of Mac Operating Systems. It provides a better option to view the fixed video once the process of QuickTime repair on Mountain Lion is done. This software is capable to handle and fix any severely corrupted QuickTime video. It is easy to function, fast and secure and has an interactive user-interface for repairing QuickTime Mountain Lion. Using this software, you can also repair unrecognized movie files from QuickTime Player without causing any harm to the system keeping the original file intact.

Know how to repair QuickTime Mac Mountain Lion:

Step 1: Download the Repair QuickTime Software from the site and install it on your Macintosh system to perform QuickTime repair on Mountain Lion. Launch the software by manually clicking on it. Browse and select the damaged QuickTime files and click on “Repair” button to start repairing QuickTime Mountain Lion.

Repair QuickTime Mountain Lion - Home Page

Step 2: The repair process is performed and provides you with a new fixed file and a preview option. Preview the file to check its working once the process of QuickTime repair on Mountain Lion is completed.

Repair QuickTime File on Mountain Lion - Repair Progress screen

Step 3: Purchase the product and save the fixed file on a new location of your storage media.

QuickTime Video Repair on Mountain Lion - Save Quicktime File Screen