• An extraordinary utility that fixes MOV video file not recognized error with QuickTime
  • Even capable to resolve errors or corruption issues with the movie file
  • The powerful repair algorithm scans the input file and creates a new media in a playable formats
  • No changes or modifications will be made to the original video file

QuickTime is a most popular multimedia player developed by Apple Inc. It is capable to handle or play various digital video files, music, images etc. Each version of this media player comes with improved compatibility, reliability, security, attractive interface etc. It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems and .mov is its default video format. But sometimes, when you try to play a MOV file on QuickTime player, you may face an error like “.mov file not recognized by QuickTime”.

This error will be usually displayed due to corrupt MOV file or might be due to some other reasons. But once it is displayed, then it is sure that MOV file has got corrupted. Even you will not be able to play a corrupt MOV file on any other media players which will be very frustrating. If you are not having a backup or multiple copies of that corrupt MOV file, then you may search the best tool to repair .mov file not recognized by QuickTime. Anyhow, you will get various repair tools on the net but you need to select the one which will not lead to further damage to your files and also a result oriented tool.

Easily fix unrecognized MOV files

So the best and result oriented tool to repair .mov file not recognized by the QuickTime is Repair QuickTime software. It is a highly-rated tool which has been suggested by industry experts to repair the unrecognized MOV file on QuickTime player. If you are facing any synchronization issues related to your QuickTime MOV file or if the video is out of sync with the audio, then make use of this effective tool to fix out of sync video in a short duration of time. That is, in addition to MOV file not recognized by QuickTime repair, this tool also enables you to fix or repair any kind of issue related to your QuickTime file. You can also easily repair .mov files not playing on Windows media player within a couple of minutes.

Cases for .mov file not recognized by QuickTime

  • File header consists of some important information about the file. So if the file header of your .mov file gets damaged, then QuickTime media player will fail to recognize it.
  • If there are no proper codecs to play a MOV file on QuickTime player then there are possible chances that your QuickTime player will not recognize .mov file.
  • While upgrading QuickTime player from its older version to a newer version, if you face any errors or if the up-gradation process is interrupted, then your MOV file will not be recognized by upgraded the QT player.
  • There are many reasons due to which .mov file gets corrupted or damaged like Trojan or virus attack, power surge or an improper termination of the QT player when .mov file is in access, errors while changing .mov file to some other video extension etc.

If you have come across any of the above-mentioned scenarios due to which your QuickTime player unable to recognize .mov file, then utilize repair QuickTime software for repairing MOV file not recognized by QuickTime.

Repair QuickTime is a strong and perfect utility to repair an unrecognized MOV file on QuickTime. This application has strong programs that help you in repairing MOV file not recognized by QuickTime. It has an ability to deal with all the issues related to QuickTime file and also reproduce the file with its original quality. In addition MOV repair, it can also be used to repair the corrupt MP4 file. This utility can easily repair video files created on different cameras like Fujifilm, Sony, Hasselblad, Canon, Nikon, Kodak etc. It has the best GUI using which even novice user can come to know how to repair .mov file not recognized by QuickTime. It is compatible on both all popular versions of Windows and Mac operating systems for repair MOV file not recognized by QuickTime. In order to repair corrupt MOV file, it separately repairs audio and video streams and then adjoins them to make a healthy and playable file. After repairing MOV file not recognized by QuickTime, it facilitates you to Preview repaired file before saving. Apart from this, it can also be used to repair an unplayable QuickTime MOV file in an effective and efficient way.

Steps to repair .mov file not recognized by QuickTime:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer. Then launch the tool and select corrupted mov file using "Corrupted File" option and then click on “Repair” button to repair unrecognized .mov file.

.mov File Not Recognized by QuickTime - Home Page

Step 2: The software starts the repair process and on the completion, it displays a screen with "Preview" option. Click it and preview the repaired MOV video file.

Repair .mov File Not Recognized by QuickTime Error - Quicktime File Repair Progress

Step 3: After the preview, you can save the file to any new memory location by clicking the "Save" option.

Repair MOV Video File Not Recognized by QuickTime - Quicktime File Preview