QuickTime is a media player developed by Apple, which is used to play movie files. QuickTime can be used on computers running a compatible operating system such as Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating system. Generally, the QuickTime is used to play the files having .MOV extension. MOV is a popular video file format used to save movies and some recorded videos on the hard drive or other storage media. The files saved in .MOV format is compressed so that making it easier to share and download through the internet. But MOV file is very prone to corruption and becomes unable to play on the QuickTime media player due to some unknown errors. When it happens to you, use QuickTime MOV repair software and fix all errors related to MOV file, to get it with a perfect playable video. One who is looking to for how to fix QuickTime on Mac can also utilize Mac version of this tool, to bring the video file in a healthy format.

Make use of QuickTime MOV repair software under the following situations

  • You have recorded a movie using iMovie App with .MOV file extension but somehow it has got corrupted and not able to open it.
  • When you try to open exported .MOV file on QuickTime, possibly you may get the error like “The movie is not in a format that QuickTime player understands”.
  • You have recorded some family vacation videos in .MOV format using a camcorder or the digital camera. After the return to home, it is disappointed to you by making all .MOV files unable to play due to a file corruption. If these files have got corrupted on Mac Mountain Lion, then you need not worry as by using this software you can easily repair QuickTime on Mountain Lion.
  • Your .MOV file may play well in QuickTime for a few minutes but after that, it freezes.
  • While playing a MOV file, you may get the problem of the soundtrack that is the sound occurs before the corresponding video.
  • Sometimes the MOV files that are recovered from any storage media using recovery software may become unable to play on QuickTime.

There are the common situations occurs for the most of the MOV file users due to MOV file corruption. There are many factors behind MOV file corruption such as file header corruption, virus attack, an unreliable recovery software, video truncation, bad sectors on the hard disk, etc. These situations affect the users when their movie files get corrupted. At these situations, you can easily repair movie files within a less span of time. You can also fix QuickTime MOV file errors within a couple of minutes. What you all need to do is, just make use of the powerful QuickTime MOV Repair tool.

Using this software, you can fix a QuickTime MOV file on Mac Sierra and all versions of Mac OS along with Windows operating system easily. To repair QuickTime MOV file, the tool first identifies the errors in the file by scanning deeply and fixes them. This software is fully automated so that it can fix audio and video data streams separately and then adjoins them to get a perfect playable video. If the QuickTime player is unable to recognize a corrupt MOV file, then use this advanced utility to repair .mov file not recognized by QuickTime. You can also evaluate the repair result using the trial version of this software. By using the trial version, you can get the preview of the repaired video file. If you satisfied with this result, then activate the product and save repaired MOV file on the desired location.

Procedure to repair QuickTime MOV File

Step1: First point the MOV file that you want to repair, towards the software, using the “Browse” option and then click on the “Repair” button as shown in Fig 1.

QuickTime MOV Repair - Browse MOV File

Fig 1: Browse MOV File

Step2: Now the software starts to detect errors in the selected MOV file and fixes them within a few minutes. Once it is done, you can use the “Preview” option to check the video quality before saving as shown in Fig 2.

QuickTime MOV File Repair Tool - Preview Window

Fig 2: Preview Window

Step3: If you satisfied with the preview result, use “Save” option to store repaired MOV file on any drive accessible to the host device as shown in Fig 3.

How to Repair QuickTime MOV Video File? - Save File

Fig 3: Save File