• A highly proficient tool that fixes unplayable .mp4 files on a camcorder
  • Repairs video files like MOV, MP4 and others with ultimate ease
  • It is a read-only tool that will scan the input video file and create a playable media
  • Assures no damages or modifications to the original MP4 files

"I am experiencing a strange scenario with my camcorder; out of my recorded videos only a few are playing in the camcorder, the rest of the files in the MP4 file is not playing on the camcorder. I have no idea how this happened? How can I fix MP4 file not playing on camcorder? I am desperate to get those videos back into a playable condition."

MP4 format is a popular video file format; many of the camcorders use this video file format. It is very commonly used by most of the brands. MP4 video gets damaged when an SD card contained in the camcorder is corrupted. Even if you try many ways the result is not going to be different, if the SD card is corrupted. It’s always better to keep a backup of the video files, so that worst case can be dealt with in many cases. Let’s discuss, what are all the causes that may lead to the corruption of MP4 files in a camcorder?

Reasons behind MP4 file is not playing on the Camcorder:

  • Bad Sectors: Trying to write MP4 video on the SD card containing more bad sectors makes the MP4 video unplayable.
  • Logical errors: MP4 file contained in SD card may not be able to play due to the logical errors occurred in the camcorder.
  • Abrupt ejection: Abruptly ejecting an SD card from the camcorder or power failure while recording the video, this will lead to the corruption of MP4 files recorded using the camcorder.
  • Interrupting transfer: Any interruption while transferring videos from SD card on the camcorder to the computer, may adversely affect the recorded videos on the camcorder.
  • Virus infection: Virus affected camcorder will make the MP4 files unplayable on the camcorder.

If you are facing similar situation then you might know the value of keeping back up of MP4 video files similarly the value of using the camcorder with care. If that’s not the case with you, so often you may come to the conclusion that you have lost or damaged the recorded MP4 files. Then there is a high chance in which you may start thinking about how to fix recorded videos of the MP4 file format.  In reality, you have not lost anything yet; it is just invisible or inaccessible for now, if you act immediately you can make it play again. But for that, you have to rely on the services of a reliable tool like the Repair Quick Time.

Repair Quick Time is an advanced utility that helps to fix not playing MP4 files on camcorder. If your recorded MP4 file is not playing on the camcorder, you can easily fix this issue in a matter of minutes by utilizing this tool. It compensates for all the corruption scenarios that make the MP4 file unplayable. This effective tool helps to repair not playing MP4 files on camcorder brands like Canon, Samsung, Nikon, Panasonic, etc. Apart from MP4 files, it can also repair MOV, AVI, FLV and other video file formats on a camcorder.

Main Features of the QuickTime Repair utility:

  • The highly interactive graphical user-interface helps in easier access to this application, the user doesn’t require any special training to make use of this application, it is very simple to use.
  • By utilizing this tool you can easily fix unplayable MP4 files on SD, CF, MMC, Micro SD and other flash cards used in devices like camcorder, smartphones, etc.
  • This application is extremely efficient in fixing MP4 video file on the camcorder after audio video sync error, firmware error, download error, card error, file transfer error, etc.
  • QuickTime Repair facilitates repairing of the bad MP4 videos that are recorded by Cell phones, digital cameras, multimedia players, Video players, camcorders etc.
  • It is a read-only application, the source file will not be modified in any case instead a new MP4 file is created by reading source file after repairing not playable MP4 files.
  • With the help of this utility, you can also easily repair corrupted MP4 files on USB pen drive, external hard drive, hard drive, etc.
  • It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac operating system of different versions and performs fastest repairing of unplayable MP4 files on the camcorder.

Steps for repairing unplayable MP4 files on the camcorder:

Step 1: Make a simple installation of the app for fixing unplayable MP4 files. Browse and select your damaged MP4 file

Step 2: On completing the scan it provides a preview of the repaired MP4 video

Step 3: Save the file after previewing it