• The finest solution to resolve MP4 index error in easy steps
  • Securely extracts media file in their original format
  • Helps in fixing QuickTime media, MP4 files and others
  • Corrupt, broken or unplayable movie files can be instantly fixed

“Hi there, MP4 file hasn’t any issue till the last time I played it. Maybe because of upgrading to Windows 10, index issue has been taken place. Even on a popular media player, I am not able to read the video content and getting the same error message like file’s index got damaged. I know there are many tools to repair MP4 file. But selecting a right (reliable) one from those tool, is a difficult task for me. Guys, can any of you recommend a right solution”

If you are willing to repair corrupted MP4 file in a secure and safe way then there is software named as the Repair QuickTime Software, which is specially designed for fixing the MP4 issues and allow users to read the digital content of the file again. It has inbuilt features due to which it repairs the different issues related to inaccessible of the MP4 file. Before knowing more about this tool, let us discuss some points which will describe the scenario of how video files get damaged and become inaccessible on any media player.

Reasons for the inaccessible of MP4 file:

  • If interruption takes place while transferring any file then it may be the cause for MP4 index error
  • Sometimes virus attack the file due to which you can’t able to read the digital content of the file
  • A download error is another scenario in which file gets corrupted or damaged and result in an inaccessible of the file
  • There are some third-party tools are available for a conversion to play on the different media players and these tools are not reliable which may cause corruption of MP4 file.

Repair QuickTime - Applications:

MP4 index error or any other error can be repaired within a less span of time with the help of Repair QuickTime Utility. It is because this tool is equipped with the advanced scanning algorithm and also it includes many new features which helps the users to fix MP4 index error with quite easily.

Repair QuickTime Software - Overview:

This software provides you the complete solution for repairing MP4 index error and help to view the digital data of the corrupted or damaged MP4 file again by repairing issue related to the inaccessible of the file. Downloading error, transfer interruption, etc. whatever the reason behind the inaccessible of a MP4 file, this software let you fix MP4 index issue and allow to play the video file. It even provides you a solution to repair MP4 file which is not playing on Camcorders, to know how it works, visit this page: http://www.repairquicktime.com/mp4-file-not-playing-on-camcorder.html

Repair QuickTime Software – key Feature:
If the software get clicks in the market only when the software contains unique feature and it is liked by the users. Similarly, this software is also equipped with the unique features which allow users to enjoy the watching of video content again. This repair tool don’t alter the original content of the MP4 file while repairing the corrupted or damaged MP4 file and it is a special and unique feature of this tool

Repair QuickTime Software – Supported Codecs:
AVI, MP4, MPEG, etc. are the video codec supported by this software. Even it supports to repair MOV file of which the header is corrupted or damaged and allows to play on the different media player. When you talk about the audio codecs: mp3, wav, etc. are well supported by this utility. Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. are the different versions of Windows OS which allows you to repair MP4 video error. Also, it is compatible with all different versions of the Mac operating system.

Steps to repair MP4 index error:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the application to repair MP4 index file. Browse the path of the corrupt .mp4 to repair

Repair mp4 Index - Main Screen

Step 2: Once the scanning repairing process is completed, the software "Preview" the repaired MP4 video file.

MP4 Index Repair - Preview

Step 3: Save the fixed/repaired MP4 video file after previewing it.

Fix MP4 Index - Save