Last night after finishing my work, I thought of watching my favorite movie. But, when I tried to play it on my QuickTime player, an error message was displayed like “The movie contains an invalid data reference”. Due to this error message I was unable to watch my favorite movie. So someone please suggest me how can I fix this error?

This error will be usually displayed if the QuickTime reference movie (QTRM) file is got corrupted or damaged. QuickTime reference movies are QuickTime files which are like an alias to a file. This reference movie does not have the audio and video streams in its file but it contains only the references or it points to the media data that is stored in some other files or folders. That is, when QuickTime plays the movie, a reference movie will decide a codec to support the device that is being used. So, if the reference movie gets corrupted, then you won’t be able to play the movie which has been referenced by this file. There are various reasons that results in reference movie corruption. But,

You don’t have to panic about QuickTime reference movie repair as it is possible to repair QuickTime reference movie with the help of an advanced repair tool named as Repair QuickTime Software. It is a perfect repair tool that also helps you to repair QuickTime MOV file by repairing QuickTime reference movie in a short span of time.

Causes for QuickTime reference movie corruption

Virus Infection: If your system is severely infected by some harmful viruses, then there are chances that the files stored on your system may get corrupt including QuickTime reference movie. Due to this, the referenced movie will become an unplayable file.

Header Corruption: File header consists of all the necessary information about the file. So, if the file header of your reference movie gets corrupted, then it will result in QuickTime reference movie corruption.

Interruption during File Transfer: While transferring QTRM file from one storage device to another, if any interruption occurs then it may leads to corrupt QuickTime reference movie.

There are few more reasons that may results in QuickTime reference movie corruption such as changing file extension in order to make it understandable to other media players, hard drive corruption, improper creation of QTRM file etc. In these conditions, you can make use of repair QuickTime software which is a best QuickTime reference movie repair tool for repairing QuickTime reference movie files.

Advanced features of repair QuickTime software

Repair QuickTime Software is a best and well known utility used to repair QuickTime reference movie. It is highly ranked application that preserves the original file after repairing QuickTime reference movie files. This repair tool can also be used to repair broken QuickTime file within few eye blinks. It can be even used for repairing MOV and MP4 files that are unplayable on QuickTime. This QuickTime reference movie repair also supports various audio and video codecs in order to repair reference movie QuickTime. It repairs the files which are created using various camcorders. This repair software is compatible on both Windows and Mac OS to repair QuickTime reference movie. Using this efficient application, you can even easily perform QuickTime repair for iTunes video files. It is simple and easy to use interface that let you know how to repair QuickTime reference movie in few simple steps. This tool is built with strong repairing programs that help you to repair QuickTime reference movie in just few mouse clicks. After repairing QuickTime reference movie, it facilitates you to Preview the repaired file before restoration. Using this advanced tool you can also repair unrecognized MOV file on QuickTime player. For more info about .mov file not recognized by QuickTime repair, visit:

MP4 video files can be played on any of the device like computer, iPods, cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and more. But similar other types of video files even MP4 files might get broken due to numerous reasons, but in such conditions you no need to be worried as by using Repair QuickTime Software you can easily know how to repair broken MP4 video files. To know more about broken MP4 file reapir, click on the given link:

Steps to repair QuickTime reference movie:

Step 1: Make a simple installation of the software for QuickTime reference movie repair. Then, browse and select your corrupt QuickTime reference movie and then click on "Repair" button.

Repair QuickTime Reference Movie - Home Page

Step 2: On completing the scanning process, it provides a "Preview" option to view the repaired movie file.

How to Repair QuickTime Reference Movie? - Quicktime File Repair Progress

Step 3: "Save" the repaired QuickTime reference movie file after previewing it.

QuickTime Reference Movie Repair - Save Quicktime File