Is your system running slow and do you want to increase the speed of your system by removing duplicate unwanted files from your system? YES, it is possible to remove or delete duplicate files from your system in order to improve the performance your system. For this, you just need to use Remo MORE Tool with duplicate movie remover feature to delete duplicate movies and all other duplicate files from your system.

Your system hard disk drive is a huge data storage device where you can store huge amount of data such as movies, video clips, music, photos, text files, software, documents and much more. Among all these files, movies require a large storage space. One HD quality movie will occupy around 2 to 3 GB of data so it will be a big issue to store number movies on your system hard drive. Upon that if you have duplicate movies on your system then much of your disk space will be of unwanted files which will make your system performance slower so it is important to remove duplicate movies from your system.

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How duplicate movies get created on your system?

Nowadays Internet is the major source to view or watch movies and the users want to download the newly released movies from the net. Sometimes you may forget and download the same movie couple of times and store it in other folder. Sometimes you may take movies from your friends via portable devices such as Pen drives, external hard drives, etc. and will copy paste the movie in the folders. If you copy paste the movie in the same folder where the movie is already stored, it won’t give any error instead the copy of the movie will be stored on the drive.

Because of these duplicate movies, which consume more space of your system hard dive, your system starts performing slowly and sometime it may freeze to work which will be a frustrated moment for you. You can manually remove duplicate movies from the system but it will consume more time and you will not knowing which is the duplicate file and where it is located. So it is important for you to search a tool, which can find and remove duplicate movies from your system. One such tool is Remo MORE which has ability to find and delete duplicate movies.

Remo MORE Software is integrated with a strong scanning algorithm which can scan your drive within couple of minutes to detect duplicate files and guides you how to remove duplicate movies. This app can find all type of duplicate files such as images, videos, music, etc. It can easily find duplicate files on your system hard drive, pen drive, memory card, etc. You use this tool to find and delete duplicate movies on both Windows and Mac OS. This tool allows you to select manually only those duplicate movies, which you want to delete. It is designed with easy-to-use and self descriptive interface. This app automatically finds duplicate movies and let you remove duplicate movies which are not required, by doing this you can improve the performance and speed of your system.

How to remove duplicate movies?

Step 1: Download & install Remo MORE software and then launch the main screen of the software where you can select an option Find Duplicate-Drive / Folder to search duplicate movies.

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Step 2: Now select the drive from where you want to delete duplicate movies.

Step 3: Select video files to remove duplicate movies from your system and then click on scan option as shown in Fig to delete duplicate movie clips.

Step 4: Now you can preview duplicate movies and then select the movies which are no more required and delete duplicate movie files by clicking on finish option as shown in Fig.

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