While playing QuickTime movies, many of us come across 'The Plugin Did Not Initialize Properly' error. Want to know how to fix this error? Then, try Repair QuickTime software that fixes any issues with the QuickTime file with ease. Download for free and try now!!!


When you attempt to play QuickTime MOV file, MP4 file etc. a dialog box appears with the error "An error occurred inside plug-in contained on this page." And after entering OK button, one more message displays, i.e. “plugin did not initialize properly”.


  • This error can occur when system hard disk do not have enough space
  • If Computer BIOS is incomplete or not updated
  • Device drivers can be old, incorrectly configured or corrupted
  • Missing device driver
  • Windows registry corruption due to recent software change

How to resolve 'The Plugin Did Not Initialize Properly' problem?

To fix this error, take help of well-known application Repair QuickTime Software. This is capable of resolving this error and also other problems related to QuickTime player. This product is 100% safe and free from viruses. It has a read-only feature as a result, it won’t modify the original file while repairing. Let us see how this program works:

Steps to fix Plugin did not initialize properly error:

Step 1: Download and install the application on your system. Then browse a healthy file and erroneous video file and click on Repair button.

Unable To Play MOV File In QuickTime - Home Page

Step 2: Let the software completes scan and then you will be provided with the Preview option, using which you can preview the repaired video

Repair Unable QuickTime MOV File - Save QuickTime MOV File

Step 3: Then browse for the destination location to store the repaired file and hit Save button

Repair Unable QuickTime MOV File - Save QuickTime MOV File

Benefits of using Repair QuickTime software:

  • Best software to fix damaged QuickTime files such as MOV, MPEG, MP4 files
  • Interactive or user-friendly interface
  • This product can be used on both Mac and Windows
  • Able to repair quick time with header corruption, CRC error, malware attack and other damages

Tips and Warnings:

To avoid such errors in future:

  • Always update the plugins
  • It is recommended to use UPS system on your computer to avoid data disasters
  • Do not use any unauthorized third party tools to compress QuickTime videos