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“I have many treasured video files, recently when I tried to opening one of my favorite movies in QuickTime, I got an error message stating that “The movie file format is not supported” on Windows XP. Even after repetitive trails, I get the same error. I want to know how to fix QuickTime on Windows XP. Please suggest me any appropriate solution.”

QuickTime is a media player that is meant for playing a wide variety of video/audio files. This media player is developed by Apple Inc exclusively for Mac systems. However, due to advancement in technology QuickTime media player is also compatible with Windows XP as well as other versions of Windows operating system. Although similar to above-mentioned scenario, most of the user face lot of problems while playing QuickTime files on Windows XP. This problem generally occurs due to corruption in the QuickTime movie file, after which it will be no longer accessible. There are several reasons due to which QuickTime file gets damage, some of them are:

  • Header file corruption: QuickTime movie file header section contains information like file size, creation date, last modification date, resolution of the video and others. Due to improper handling of QuickTime file, its header file might get corrupt and leads to an inaccessible video file
  • Broken download process: Sometimes QuickTime MOV file get damages and unplayable because of interruptions occurred while downloading that movie file on Windows XP
  • Virus infection: Virus/malware attacks on Windows XP may infect MOV file. These external threats damages its file structure and make it inaccessible
  • Presence of bad sectors on Windows XP hard disk: If your Windows XP hard drive has bad sectors where your QuickTime MOV files are stored then there is a chance of the movie file getting inaccessible

Other than these, there are various other reasons due to which the QuickTime file gets corrupt and unplayable. However irrespective of the reason, you can repair QuickTime on Windows XP with the help of powerful Repair QuickTime software. This application can also repair corrupt mp4 on Windows system efficiently.

Repair QuickTime on Windows XP using Repair QuickTime Software:

Repair QuickTime is appropriate software, which you can use to fix QuickTime movie file on Windows XP system in few mouse clicks. This program contains automated repair techniques, which can repair QuickTime on Windows XP PC. This software also repairs QuickTime h264, QuickTime Error -2048, broken QuickTime file etc on Windows and laptop computers. It can fix any MOV file error messages instantly without damaging its single bit of audio/video frames. It can repair QuickTime file on Windows XP as well as other windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003. You can use the following link to repair corrupt or inaccessible QuickTime movie file on Mac system http://www.repairquicktime.com/how-to-fix-on-mac.html.

Simple steps to fix QuickTime on Windows XP:

Step 1: Download and install the Repair QuickTime software to repair QuickTime file on Windows XP desktop or laptop. After launching the application select the inaccessible QuickTime file that you want to repair and click on “Repair” button

Repair QuickTime Windows XP - Home Page

Step 2: Now the program begin QuickTime repair process, one can observe it on the progress bar displayed

Repair QuickTime MOV Files on Windows XP - Quicktime File Repair Progress

Step 3: On completion of QuickTime file fixing process, the application shows repaired movie file with its file description. Finally, save repaired QuickTime file to your preferred location

How to Repair QuickTime Videos on Windows XP? - Quicktime File Preview