Everyone save and delete files very frequently on their system. The deletion can be due to accidental, intentional or through formatting. If the file is not visible, we believe that the deletion was permanent and becomes careless about that file. But this kind of carelessness can leave you busted. Whether the data is professional or personal, its privacy is the major concern for any user.

Why is it required to wipe free space?

It was believed that files once deleted are gone permanently. But this myth was shattered with the introduction of recovery products. Recovery software claims that until the files are overwritten by some new files, they can be easily recovered. Because of this the files that you think are deleted are no longer safe. Anyone can restore them using a recovery tool.

In this case, wiping tools come into picture. Wiping tool make sure that the deleted files becomes unreadable or irrecoverable.

Situations when you need to wipe free space

  1. When you are giving away or selling your system or laptop to some other person.
  2. While disposing off the system
  3. To avoid hackers from getting access to your deleted private data
  4. To increase the overall performance of the PC

Why Remo MORE?

Remo MORE is one of the best software available in the market that is capable of wiping free space securely. It also makes sure that the files get overwritten by some random characters, so that when someone tries to recover them, they get a corrupted copy. To ensure the safety and confidentiality of your files, make use of Remo MORE.

Remo MORE makes use of different wiping patterns that provide various levels of security. There are three levels of wiping – low, medium and high. The default wiping method is Fast Zero overwrite in the Low category. In this method, all the data on the selected drive will be overwritten by 0’s. Second is the Random Write, which replaces the data with random characters making it more secure than Fast Zero overwrite. The third one is DoD 5220.22 M; this one is of the military standard, therefore provide high security. Use this option when you want to be sure that no one can recover the deleted data using any kind of recovery tool.

The tool can securely wipe free space from Windows XP and other Windows Operating System versions. Even the devices connected externally on your Windows XP system are compatible with the Remo MORE tool. The software has a very easy-to-use interface that even a non-technical user can operate to wipe free space Windows XP. Make use of the best wiping algorithm provided in the Remo MORE software and wipe confidential data securely and permanently.

How to wipe free space Windows XP?

Step 1: Download Remo MORE software and select “Manage” from the main screen

Wipe Free Space Windows XP - Home Page

Step 2: Now select “Data Wipe” option

Wipe Free Space Windows XP - Click Data Wipe

Step 3: Then click on “Free Space Wipe

Clean Free Space on Windows XP - Select Free Space Wipe

Step 4: Now choose the drive from which you want to wipe free space

Windows XP Free Space Wipe - Select Drive

Step 5: Select the wiping method and proceed

How to Wipe Free Space on Windows XP? - Select Wiping Method

Step 6: Wait until the tool wipes the free space on the selected drive

Wipe Free Disk Space on Windows XP - Wiping